This is a cheetah sketch I did in the field in Namibia at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. This cheetah is one of CCF's ambassadors.

One SET of FOUR CARDS: Cheetah Sketch 5X7 Fine Art Watercolor Greeting Cards

These are standard 5X7 folded greeting card made with quality watercolor stock (includes envelopes). The inside of the card is blank and the artist’s information is printed on the back. This is an original design by Marcia Sivek of BeProvided.

The artist was a working guest volunteer at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia during the month of February 2017. It was a life-changing experience working with the CCF staff who care deeply about, not only cheetah, but all wildlife and the ecosystems they live in. Please check out for more information to learn about the comprehensive conservation going on at CCF.

One dollar ($1.00) from each purchase will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network based in San Francisco ( WCN brings together conservationists and wildlife supporters. They hold a spring and fall expo, giving conservationists an opportunity to present the results of their hard work, tell us their passionate stories, and give passionate supporters an opportunity to learn and donate.


Because the WCN does not have a way for donations under $10, I set up a recurring donation of $10 per month from the sales of my art cards on Etsy and my website. I have a copy of my donation letter above. Feel confident your purchase is helping wildlife. 

Cheetah Watercolor Sketch Greeting Card (5X7): Set of FOUR cards