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Workaholic or Passion "Doer"?

Photo provided by Suzi Eszterhas

Suzi Eszterhas, our next podcast guest, told me she is no longer a workaholic, but as our conversation progressed, I had to wonder if she was telling me the truth! Suzi has created an internationally recognized name for herself in wildlife conservation photography, particularly baby animals and their families. She leads three group photo tour adventures per year, started a non-profit for young women photographers called Girls Who Click and is an author of several children’s books. In addition to all of that, she co-authors books with conservationists, she speaks at fundraising engagements and writes several magazine articles per year.

Suzi is a passion “doer”; she is doing not working. It is rare, but should not be, to turn a passion into a livelihood and still be in love with it. Suzi is a model of what we can become through hard work, dedication and stay true to our passions.

I enjoyed our conversation in this podcast. We talked about childhood love of animals and her first adventure to Kenya where she helped raise a Serval cub (the entire story is told in her book, Moto and Me). She tells us about her first camera adventures to how she is now helping young women use cameras to tell their stories.

Suzi is an inspiration. I often dream to live the lives of my guests. This is also true with Suzi. Her story resonates with my childhood dreams. I had always wanted to go to Africa to observe and experience the wildlife and culture.

Thank you, Suzi, for bringing awareness about conservation and wildlife to so many people. Also, thank you for empowering young women in Girls Who Click to follow their dreams to tell their stories.

More information from Suzi's website about the conservation organizations she is involved with: "Recognized as a conservationist in her own right, Suzi is a patron of the  Sumatran Orangutan Society and actively supports the Cheetah Conservation FundWildlife Conservation NetworkTigerTime (David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation), Sloth Conservation Foundation, Orangutan Foundation International,Center for Animal Protection and Education, and other organizations."

Podcast episode here:

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