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Wild Yoga With Author Rebecca Wildbear

Hello Everyone Welcome back to BeProvided Conservation Radio.I am excited to introduce my guest today. Her name is Rebecca Wildbear and she is the author of Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration and Advocacy for the Earth. The book is published by New World Library (

In her book, Rebecca writes, “ When we are in our bodies, at one with nature, we are in touch with intelligence more significant that our minds. Nature can inspire our movements, align us with our instincts, initiate us into living our soul’s purpose, and guide us in tending the well-being of all life.”

About the Author:

Rebecca Wildbear is the creator of Wild Yoga and has been teaching yoga since 2004. She has been on the faculty at Nosara Yoga Institute and guides vision quests and other programs through Animas Valley Institute.

Speaking of Animas Valley Institute, Rebecca is leading a Soulcraft Intensive for Earth Activists June 13-17th, 2023 through the institute. This is a great intensive for anyone fighting to protect the earth but is feeling the stress and despair of devastation and compassion fatigue. If you are feeling the need to foster greater resiliency and vision in your mission to protect the physical ecology this is for you. You can please visit for more information.

For more information about Rebecca and the work she is doing please visit

Today’s music was downloaded from sound . The piece is titled Into the Deep by Daniele Musto.

Additional information and links related to today’s show and other related shows can be found at

Thank you again for listening and stay safe and stay healthy.

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