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Urban Wildlife Success Story: The Gazelle Valley

Next to a very busy major road in Jerusalem is Gazelle Valley, the biggest urban natural site in Israel. Here roam endangered mountain gazelle, migratory, birds, and reptiles amongst the hustle the and bustle of the oldest city in the world. I am Marcia Sivek, and today we will be learning about Gazelle Valley along with its challenges, its wildlife and success of being a place that all people of any age, culture and religion can enjoy. What is most fascinating about this park is that it's not only in such a busy culturally rich city, is free to all who visit. With emphasis on free and all.

Below is my pre-recorded interview with Ika Chipman, marketing director for the Gazelle Valley.

Here is a fun virtual tour of Gazelle Valley created in April 2020 when the world first shut down due to the Coronavirus was happening, at least here in the US. This gives us the experience of Gazelle Valley without traveling-- but, hopefully it leaves you wanting to visit in person when it is safe to travel again!

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