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Understanding the Cause and Searching for Positives in a Pandemic With Dr. Hayley Adams

Good day everyone this is Marcia Sivek the host of BeProvided Conservation Radio. I hope this finds everyone and their loved ones safe in these crazy times. I have been fortunate enough to be healthy and have a healthy family. I know there is a lot of news about COVID 19. There is a lot of anger toward China and the live wet markets. There is a lot of crazy finger pointing, blaming and bad planning tactics from government and others we should trust in such crazy times. But with all this I do see the majority of us coming together globally, a positive light in the chaos. My guest today is Dr. Hayley Adams. She is veterinarian who has a PhD in epidemiology and virology. She has many years of experience working with One Health in Africa, wildlife and domestic animals. She is also an author of the book Conscious Conservation which is a worthwhile read during these times and any time. She is certified in meditation and compassion fatigue therapy. On top of all of this she is a mother, who is currently home schooling and a wife! She is much more than all of this and she will give you a better summary of her background in this episode. Hayley and I were supposed to chat via Skype for this interview, but with Shelter in place, home schoolings and spouses working from home, finding time and quiet space is difficult. So we opted to have Hayley answer questions from listeners and some from me! in a pre recorded session she could do when she could find quiet and time. So Hayley is both interviewer and interviewee! Our original goal was to discuss her book and her work in forensic wildlife studies and other topics not COVID 19. But during this time I wanted Hayley to share her thoughts on this current pandemic and introduce my listeners to her. She has vast knowledge on emerging diseases from wildlife to humans. She also has a podcast, Conservation without Borders where she offers more scientific details to our current situation in 7 episodes including this one which is less detailed but very informative. You can find this series on and Hayley is spelled HAYLEY. In this episode Hayley touches on such topics that include:

  • How various coronaviruses can affect our pets and should we worry? (note this was recorded before the tiger and other big cats were diagnosed with COVID 19 in the Bronx Zoo).

  • How finger pointing and blaming may do more harm than good in resolving this pandemic and other pandemics.

  • Will banning wet markets and trade of bush meat from wildlife do any good?

  • What can we do to help prevent the next disease when it emerges? because, Yes it will

  • What is herd immunity and is it good or is it bad?

  • What can we do to help ourselves and others get through these times?

  • What positive outcomes will come from all of this?

  • Hayley also answers some listener questions which touch on all of these topics.

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