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Spokesperson for the Trumpeter Swans at LaSalle Park: Liz Benneian

This podcast episode is with Liz Benneian, spokesperson for the Trumpeter Swan Coalition in Ontario, Canada. Liz shares the swan stories, including Pig Pen the swan that basically started the winter migration to LaSalle Park, the infamous Magic Family of swans and the soap opera love story of Lancelot. Trumpeter swans live exciting lives and are enriching the community around LaSalle Park. Because of the conservation work being done in LaSalle Park, trumpeter swans from this area are making their way to the US and enriching lives of communities there.

Bev Kingdon on the left and Liz Benneian on the ribght

Liz also gives us news about the LaSalle Harbor project that, if it were to happen as first planned, would destroy the wintering grounds of approximately 200 swans. Spoiler alert... the news is good. Listen in on the podcast to learn more about the swans and the amazing work that was started by Harry Lumsden, Father Swan, in 1982. He is still working hard into his 90s, which is truly an inspiration to me. Mother swan, Bev Kingdon and her late husband Ray have volunteered much of their time to the swans for over 30 years. Now many volunteers make up the team, helping with observing, researching, education and banding.

Enjoy the audio and photographs below!

Photos provided by Liz Benneian and credits/information are as follows:

Row 1: Student biologists with the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Group learning how to band swans; Arvo Poolar photo of two swans flying; adults and cygnets by Art Okwara

Row 2: photo by Diane Dash (Nice to Meet You Too!); photo of Harry Lumsden framed by two swans taken by Quentin Davies; photo by Jennifer Howard of Julie Kee preparing to band

Third Row: photo by Kim Stevenson titled Flight Practice; photo by Jennifer Howard at LaSalle Park; photo by Kim Stevenson at LaSalle Park.

Audio of our interview with Liz Benneian:

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