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The Elusive (and Adorable!) Bobcat With Sarah Killingsworth

Episode #99 !!!

If you live in the US and Canada you may have a bobcat as a neighbor. According to my guest today, in her recent Bay Nature Magazine article, Country Cat, City Cat, (found in the Spring 2021 issue) it may not matter if you live in the country, city or suburb-bobcats can still be your neighbors.

My guest today is Sarah Killingsworth and as you may have guessed our show today is about bobcats. Sarah is recognized as a conservation photographer and wild life educator based in Marin County California. She is also known as an attorney and mother!

I learned about Sarah through my interviews and interactions with people of Project Coyote, they are working incredibly hard to protect our country’s wild carnivores such as coyote, bobcats, mountain lions and wolves. I was excited to discuss bobcats with Sarah and learn from her experience of observing these beautiful cats through her lens.

Enjoy today’s interview! I hope it makes you fall in love bobcats and want to learn how to protect them!

Here are some links where you can find out more about Sarah, bobcats and Project Coyote:

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