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Tammy Cloutier, PhD Painted Dog Research Trust : Utilizing Social Media and Creativity for Wildlife

There is no better way to introduce todays guest than using her own words from her FB profile...

“As a child, Tammy had a Pegasus as a pet (seriously, nobody else saw it?), she knew she was part mermaid, and liked to believe Africa was just around the corner rather than thousands of miles away. Using her passion for nature, and veterinary and wildlife degrees, she is doing her best to make the world a better place through research, writing, and education. “

I love this bio! I am Marcia Sivek and this is BeProvided Conservation Radio.

Tammy Cloutier is my guest today, she is a children’s book author and former phd student of Dr. Greg Rasmussen of the Painted Dog Research Trust. She introduced me to Greg and I thought it important to share her story, it is inspiring to young and old to pursue what they are passionate about.

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