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Social Impact Storytelling at the Third Annual Reel Impact Film Festival

2017 RIFF Green Carpet Reception

I feel so fortunate to speak with and interview so many people in this world doing good. My two guests this week are no exception! These two women are helping to create space for powerful visual storytelling by social impact companies at the third annual Reel Impact Film Festival (RIFF) in San Francisco on December 6, 2018!

Many of our regular listeners will recognize one of our guests, Angelina Mertens. I interviewed her last season as a sustainable bridge builder between private, public and social sectors of companies doing good in this world. We briefly touched on the Reel Impact Film festival on that show, so today our goal is to dedicate this show to it! Angie is the co-founder of the Reel Impact Film Festival along with Paula Saslow. Angie is also the Program Director of One World Training, a for-profit public benefit corporation based in Palo Alto CA that provides training and investment capital to social impact companies in the San Francisco bay area.

Our second guest is Katie Carey Nivard of Mama Hope, the co- host of the Reel Impact Film Festival. Katie is the Director of Global Partnerships at Mama Hope and is also co-founder of Glorious, a holistic community development organization that invests in the vision of strong women leaders to build sustainable communities.

Our Interview about storytelling and RIFF:

About RIFF:

How do social impact organizations (both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations) strategically use short videos and storytelling to share their impact? We’ll explore how film and short videos are used by mission driven organizations to spread positive messages, drive change, and achieve strategic goals.

Need some inspiration in your life? Come out to meet some amazing people and get inspired! These social impact entrepreneurs are taking on some of the world's biggest problems in the most innovative ways.

For more information please visit the website: Reel Impact Film Festival.


3:30 PM - Green Carpet Networking Reception

4:00 PM - Welcome by ONE WORLD & Mama Hope

4:15 PM - Social Impact Video Storytelling opening interviews with

Holly Gordon, Chief Impact Officer, Participant Media

Moderated by Scott Saslow, CEO & Founder, ONE WORLD

5:00 PM - RIFF finalists video screening round I

5:30 PM - Screening Round Debrief Spotlight

Natasha Deganello Giraudi, Creative Director & Founder, Micro - Documentaries

Niema Jordan, Producer and Writer, iTVS

Moderator: Angie Mertens, Program Director & RIFF Co-Founder, ONE WORLD

6:00 PM - Break

6:30 PM - RIFF finalists video screening round II

7:15 PM - Three workshops

Workshop 1: Stop the Pity, Unlock the Potential - A movement to shift the narrative: How can authentic, community-driven storytelling build a media movement?

Workshop 2: Documentary style promotional filmmaking

Workshop 3: How to create a successful campaign raising money via kickstarter - tricks and best practices

8:30 PM - Award Ceremony moderated by

Niema Jordan, Producer and Writer, iTVS

Elisa Parker, Co-Founder & Producer, See Jane Do

***Watch our inspiring RIFF2016 video and read our 2017 RIFF blog***

Mama Hope Crew after winning an award at RIFF 2017

More information about RIFF and Mama Hope:

Link to RIFF on Mama Hope Website:

Mama Hope RIFF Award Videos to View (please check them out they are amazing!):

Some Photos From Last Year's RIFF!

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