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Raptors Are The Solution to Rat Control

Hello everyone welcome back to BeProvided Conservation Radio, this is your host, Marcia Sivek. In today’s episode I speak via telephone with Lisa Owens Viani, cofounder of Raptors are the Solution or in short RATS ( Raptors are the Solution or RATS,). We discuss the topic of rodenticides or rat poison that seems to me, to be the DDT of our times and it is very important to learn more about this topic because our wildlife is being greatly affected, such as raptors (owls, hawks, eagles) and animals such as bobcats, mountain lions and even our own beloved pet cats and dogs. Research has even shown that rodenticides are finding their way into slugs, snakes and even sea otters.

Also in todays episode we will discuss an important assembly bill AB 1788 created by assemblyman Richard Bloom from Santa Monica. Just after this episode was completed, Lisa contacted me that there will be a sign-on letter and petition going to Governor Newsom to take action on this AB 1788 To find out more about this petition coming up, please sign up for RATS e newsletter at or visit Raptors are the Solution Facebook page if you would like to learn more and take action.

Below is the audio of our podcast interview, just click play! (you can contact Lisa with any questions @ ). Please check out the resources RATS has provided for everyone at:

Below are some of the recent campaigns RATS are working on or have done to educate the public on rodenticides:

Below is a gallery of photos shared by many amazing photographers of the raptors and wildlife being affected by rat poison because a good portion of their diet is made of rats and mice and other small animals. I cannot imagine a world without these animals so please help promote the ban of rodenticides! (some of the photos have links to the photographer's page or website, please visit their sites to see their beautiful work!)

Young Red Tail Hawk by Ennio Sartori

Western Screech Owl by Vishal Subramanyan

Swainsons Hawk by Dave Harper

Red Shouldered Hawk by Dave Harper

Kestrel by Dave Harper

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