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Conversation With Dr. Pablo Garcia Borboroglu: Protecting Penguins and the Oceans

When my guest today was a young boy, his grandmother would share stories about the many penguins on the beaches near where he was living. These stories stayed with Pablo (Popi) Garcia Borboroglu into adulthood and have inspired him to share the stories of penguins, not only with his children but with the world.

Popi founded the Global Penguin Society (GPS) just over 10 years ago in Argentina. GPS is now internationally recognized as one of the leading organizations dedicated to the conservation of the worlds penguin species, the coasts and the oceans they inhabit.

Below is a reduced audio version of a live FaceBook interview I did with Popi in July 2020. I have included some of the pictures we mention that I showed to the audience at the time of the show. If you prefer watching video, you can find the live video feed of the show at:

If you like what you hear and learn from this conversation, please reach out to the Global Penguin Society website to get more information. Please consider donating to this cause that is not only helping the survival of penguins around the world but also the health of the oceans. We all depend on the oceans health to thrive so this work is benefiting the entire world not just the areas where there are penguins.

Other places to connect to GPS:

Instagram: @globalpenguinsociety or


Below are some photos provided to us from GPS:

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