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New Guinea Highland Singing Dogs Re- Discovered

Richard Pallardy

This is Richard Pallardy, a freelance science writer. He uses is talents to write about our natural world; bringing attention to animal/ wildlife behaviors, the environment and their importance to our lives and world.

Richard recently published an article on the online publication Hidden Compass titled, No Dog is an Island, about the New Guinea Highland Wild/Singing dogs. ( If you like what you read, consider making a contribution to the author. It is important to support writers like Richard, they bring us stories and sound research about nature, wildlife and the environment that we may have never heard of before.

If you have never heard of these amazing singing dogs thought to be extinct, but recently rediscovered in the wild, you should really listen in and read Richard's article. They have become my new favorite animal! They are beautiful, strong, athletic and they can sing!!

Here is our interview about his research covering these wild dogs!

Below is a singing dog video from New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation Website You may want to adjust volume to low at start, they can really sing!! Also, visit their website for more information and to stay up to date on the wild dogs of New Guinea.

Camera Trap Image: James McIntyre

James McIntyre: NGHWDF Founder

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