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Nature Short: Tule Elk of Pt. Reyes in Peril

Tule Elk at Point Reyes during sunrise (2018)
Photo Credit: Vince Duperron

This Nature Short is from a FaceBook Live Conversation with Diana Oppenheim, founder of the campaign to save the Tule Elk. This audio is a 12 minute highlight of our hour long discussion. I have included both versions below for your convenience!

Tule Elk of Point Reyes National Seashore need our help! So please listen and share! also has many videos and updated information about this so please visit their site to stay up to date.

Here is the 12 minute Nature Short Audio Story:

Here is the FaceBook Live Full Interview with Diana Oppenheim of

Nature Short is a production of BeProvided Conservation Radio. Theme music is Blossoming by Podington Bear from

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