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  • Marcia Sivek

Michelle Lute of Project Coyote Talks About the War on Wolves

Wolf Eyes by Keli Hendricks

The War on Gray Wolves in not new in the United States; it has been ongoing since European settlement on this land. The war also is bipartisan, democrats and republicans over time have been using the lives of gray wolves as political bargaining chips to gain support of ranchers and agriculture. However, these sectors make up the minority of constituents. Yet it is the minority that seems to get the majority ruling in the case of wolves.

It is the mission of Project Coyote to bring awareness to the majority and educate people about how we can all take action and make our representatives, wildlife agencies and lawmakers responsible for protecting our wildlife now and for future generations. It is the goal to bring back science and conservation into decisions being made about gray wolves and other animals when deciding if they should be delisted or listed on the Endangered Species List.

My guest on this episode of the podcast is Michelle Lute, the Carnivore Conservation Manager for Project Coyote. We discuss how she became involved with carnivore conservation; what is happening currently with the War on Gray Wolves; the appalling practice of killing contests; why developing, implementing and using a gold standard of evidence based research in conservation decisions is important; and what we can do to help.

Please listen to our conversation displayed below... lives of many animals depend on it!

Important Links to Resources on How to Help!

Resources to contact local papers, lawmakers, commissioners etc:

Michigan Representative Deborah Dingell's Website:

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