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Mark Haviland: Conscious Careers and Train My Generation

Mark Haviland is founder of Conscious Careers, co-founder of Train My Generation and Vice Chair of Marine Conservation Society UK. Mark has spent over 25 years in big corporations such as Disney and CNN before changing career paths to the non-profit world.

Train My Generation and Conscious Careers help future generations understand their roles in any career choice bridge community, education and environmental restoration. Train My Generation is a volunteer community organization focused on bringing essential infrastructure, expertise, and resources to the islands of Mfangano, Lake Victoria, just off the coast of Kenya.

Conscious Careers gives school aged children and young adults the skills to go into a career with the world in mind. Mark is visiting 100+ schools in 2023-2024 all over the UK and creating workshops designed to inspire understanding, confidence and optimism in future careers.

The Marine Conservation Society UK is fighting for a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean. They have over 25,000 volunteers donating their time to help clean up beaches, r

esearch and fundraise.

Please visit the following websites to learn more of Mark Haviland’s work:

Photos from Mark:

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