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Life Changing Air Miles

In 2000, lawyer, Alan Feldstein found himself with enough airline miles to take his wife and himself anywhere in the world. So Alan asked his wife, Diane, "where would you like to go?" She answered without hesitation,"Africa!"

"It took one step onto African soil for me to fall in love with Africa," stated Alan. Both Alan and Diane immediately felt the warmth of the people and their culture, the amazing wildlife and the abundance of natural beauty.

Alan came home and put forward plans to follow through with his passion for empowering people to experience life-changing adventures. In 2008 he launched Infinite Safari Adventures to provide customized safaris all over Africa. Travels with Alan not only include wildlife viewing and outdoor activities but conservation education. Alan immerses his clients in African culture, local cuisine and viewing wildlife in their natural environment. When people feel a connection to nature, they return home to share their experiences. Each one becomes an advocate for nature.

Alan is also a photographer, a member of the Explorer's Club, Adventurer's Club of Los Angeles, serves on the Board of Trustees for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, is President of the Board of the Bird School Project and sits on the Advisory Board of Over and Above Africa. He has also sponsored a Masaai man named Patrick to return to school and eventually college (and in turn became a proud owner of livestock in Africa).

Enjoy Alan's story as told in our upcoming podcast! Below is a video that Alan discusses in the podcast. Listen in Tuesday, April 24th to hear more!

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