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Kids Can Save Animals with Kate Gilman Williams and Sarah Maston

*press the play button above to listen to this week's episode.

This week's episode is created from conversations with 11-yr old animal advocate and CEO of Kids Can Save Animals, Kate Gilman Williams and IoT Solutions Architect for Microsoft and creator of Project 15, Sarah Maston.

We learn how Kate enlists the help of Sarah Maston of Microsoft to help create a platform to showcase new technologies playing important roles in saving our wildlife. We also learn of other creative ways Kate is influencing her generation to take action.

The musical clip, Kids Can Save Animals, is by Jenn Hartmann Luck (featuring Kate Gilman Williams) and can be downloaded on any streaming platform for $1.29 or visit for more information. 15% of each download goes to help Re:wild. Every time you download the Kids Can Save Animals goes directly to Re:wild. Re:wild is a non profit organization that works globally to keep the work wild! Re:wild launched in 2021 combining more than 3 decades of conservation impact by Leonardo DiCaprio and Global Wildlife Conservation. Re:wild works with partners in more than 50 countries and in 2020 alone, worked to conserve over 45 million acres of wild places and help 835 threatened species.

Background music by Avocado Junkie, song is How We Quirk It licensed from

More information on Kate Gilman Williams' work:

More information on Sarah Maston's Work:

Kate Gilman Williams

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