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Kenny Elvin: Full Circle Falconry and Wildlife Management

Did you know that Herpetology (study of frogs, snakes, newts and many more!) is a crossroads to falconry? I didn't either! But it was for our guest today, Kenny Elvin. In 2022, Kenny gave a talk to the Bay Area Herpetology group if you want to learn more about the falconry/herpetology connection!

Our guest today is Kenny Elvin of Full Circle Falconry. He flies his raptors for groups and events around the state of California, not only for education of raptors but also for wildlife management. He is also known as King Mighty Flighty at local Renaissance Faires!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Kenny in person to meet a few of his birds thanks to a friend and co-worker, Lisa Villasenor in Los Gatos for this interview. We had great fun and good conversation, though it is easy to get distracted and lose your train of thought when you have a beautiful Eastern Screech Owl and a Peregrine Falcon close by! But I think we did ok and the interview is informative, casual and fun. I hope you all enjoy it!

Kenny can be found October 28th at Sanborn County Park in Santa Clara with Lisa Myers of Los Gatos Birdwatcher at a special Raptor Event and Workshop. See below for more information:

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