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Giving Monkeys a Second Life With Space, Companionship and Enrichment

I am honored to have Dr. Liz Tyson as our guest today. Liz is an animal advocate with over 16 years of experience working for animal protection and conservation. Since 2018 she has been with Born Free USA and is currently the Program Director; here she is responsible for running the largest primate sanctuary in the US. She is also leading the organization's campaign program to help stop illegal pet trade and roadside zoo operations.

Dr. Liz Tyson

In this episode, Liz shares the stories of the monkeys that come into the care of the primate sanctuary team. The sanctuary gives monkeys a second life after a traumatic first life. She shares the stories of rescued animals from terrible conditions at roadside zoos and how people think a monkey makes a great pet then abandons it after they realize it IS a wild animal. As these stories are sad to hear, people need to hear them to understand that wild animals as pets and these roadside zoos should not be happening.

But on the light side, we get to hear about the crotchety but lovable Mrs. Wilkin who walks with an uneven gait and won't pay attention unless you have food!

Mrs. Wilkin

We will hear about one of Liz’s favorites (even though he pays her no mind!), Gizmo, a long tailed macaque monkey with big ears and a crooked smile.



Here are ways you can learn more and help!

Enjoy the audio below my conversation with Dr. Liz Tyson and the gallery of photos of the beautiful monkeys at the sanctuary!

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