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From the Archives: Dr. Julian Fennessy Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Original Air Date : May 19, 2017

Original Air Date: May 19, 2017

In this podcast Dr. Fennessy shares how he and his wife Stephanie became involved with giraffes to create the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Namibia. He also discusses current research and the importance of the conclusions of a recent genetic study. Dr. Fennessy is also featured in the BBC Special: Africa's Gentle Giants about the unique translocation of a group of giraffes across the Nile. The special is filled with science, education, adventure and a little action that includes gunshots.

Learn more about GCF and their environmental education program:

Here are some great education resources for sharing the word:

Checkout their BBC special: Africa's Gentle Giants, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

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