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Flames of Extinction: Race to Save Australia's Threatened Wildlife Podcast With Author John Pickrell

Meet author John Pickrell as he talks about his new book, Flames of Extinction: The Race to Save Australia's Threatened Wildlife. His new book shares the stories of conservationists, wildlife rescuers, Indigenous rangers, ecologists who worked to save plants and wildlife impacted by the bushfires.

In this episode you will hear about:

  • The unique Australian species threatened by the fires, like the Nightcap oak, a dinosaur-era tree and Wollemi Pine

  • Why many species highlighted in his book now have a brighter future due to Australians efforts; and

  • How Australia’s Black Summer offers an urgent warning to a world threatened by catastrophic wildfires.

John's book was published by Island Press and can be found at

Author with Ember the Koala

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