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Creating Bird-Friendly Cities with Timothy Beatley

Our world is becoming more populated with urban areas increasing. This causes more traffic, more noise and more streetlights. How can birds thrive in these urban environments? Birds already face so many challenges without human intervention; but now they have to navigate daily flight paths will tall buildings made of windows, migration paths that are becoming more lit up at night and communicating with each other above all the noise. How can we make our cities more bird friendly?

Timothy Beatley addresses some of these challenges in his new book, The Bird-Friendly City: Creating Safe Urban Habitats. He is my guest on this episode of the podcast and our discussion includes the topics below:

  • examples of bird safe environments

  • biophilic cities - check out

  • catios- a way to keep birds safe from domestic and feral cats

  • how we can create safe habitats in our own backyard

  • incorporating bird safe measures in architecture - you don't have to sacrifice cool designs to make a building bird friendly - Tim shows many examples in his book.

The Bird-Friendly City is published by and if you want to purchase a book please click the link above and use the discount code: BEATLEY to get a 10% discount.

Background music is by Adrian Walth and is titled For the Birds.

Thank you for visiting and stay safe and stay healthy! Now get outside and look for birds!

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