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Coexisting With Wildlife: My interview with Beth Pratt

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to BeProvided Conservation Radio. Today is a special edition of a live Facebook event and you can find the full video version on my Facebook or you can also find. A recorded version on YouTube. This is an abbreviated audio version of that interview with highlights about P-22 and the current vote on the California Endangered Species Act for Southern CA mountain lions.

This interview was with Beth Pratt, California regional Executive Director for the National Wildlife Federation, and co-creator of Save LA Cougars, which is a campaign to build one of the largest crossings over highway 101, one of the busiest highways in LA.

Press play button below to hear this fun and energized interview with Beth!

Beth is also the author of, When Mountain Lions are Neighbors: People and Wildlife Working it out in California. In this book, she shares hopeful stories from people coexisting with wildlife throughout California. Such as coyotes living in San Francisco, Grey Fox raising a family on the campus of Facebook, raptors in cities, backyard wildlife and much much more. In the audio interview below, Beth shares stories of her background in wildlife conservation as well as the adventurous story of P-22, Hollywood's (and California's) most famous mountain lion. If you have not heard of P-22 then listen in to see how this cat is coexisting in one of the most populated area of our country within an area of only 8 square miles.

Photo of P-22 by the National Park Service

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