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Celebrating Bats on Halloween!

Grey and I interviewed two Amanda's from two different bat conservation organizations for our special two-episode Halloween Special on BeProvided Conservation Radio. We interviewed Amanda Bevan from the Organization for Bat Conservation in Michigan and Amanda Loller of Bat World Sanctuary in Texas.

Don't be scared! Bats are not scary! Hopefully after listening to these Halloween episodes you will go batty, in a good way, for bats and fall in love with these amazing animals--we did! In all honesty though, I have always loved bats, they have super cute faces when you get a chance to see one. We need to celebrate, appreciate and no longer fear bats. As Amanda Loller told us, if you like margaritas and chocolate, you must celebrate bats! For these things may not exist without bats working as important pollinators--you will have to listen in to find out more. (She definitely got me on chocolate!) So stay tuned for these two episodes and help us and the world celebrate bats.

So here are some interesting facts that will help you fall in love (I also shared a video from Bat World Sanctuary of my adopted bat Gizmo- adoption does not mean I actually physically get Gizmo FYI):

  • Those of you in Michigan should appreciate this fact--insect eating bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour!

  • Fruit eating bats are important pollinators

  • Bats can live for more than 30 years and fly at speeds up to 60 mph

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