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Carl Safina: Author of Alfie and Me: What an Owl Knows and What Humans Believe

Audio of the Interview:

About The Guest: Dr. Carl Safina is an ecologist and author known for his work on animal behavior. He has received numerous fellowships and has written for prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Time, the Guardian, and National Geographic. He is the author of many books, including "Alfie and Me: What Owls Know and What Humans Believe." Summary: Dr. Carl Safina joins the podcast to discuss his new book, "Alfie and Me: What Owls Know and What Humans Believe." He shares his personal experience caring for a wild Eastern screech owl named Alfie and delves into the fascinating world of owls and their behavior. Dr. Safina also explores the historical and cultural perspectives on humanity's relationship with nature, highlighting the Western view of humans as separate from and superior to the natural world. He emphasizes the need for a shift in mindset and offers insights into how individuals can make a positive impact on the environment. Key Takeaways: - Dr. Safina's relationship with Alfie, a wild Eastern screech owl, led him to explore the deep connections between humans and nature. - Owls, like screech owls, have complex behaviors and form deep emotional bonds with their mates and offspring. - Many cultures throughout history have viewed humans as part of nature and emphasized the importance of maintaining the balance of the natural world. - Western culture, influenced by Plato and religious ideologies, has perpetuated the idea that the world is not valuable and that humans should focus on an afterlife. - Individuals can make a difference by making conscious choices in their daily lives, such as choosing sustainable food and transportation options and supporting leaders who prioritize environmental conservation.

Today’s music was provided by royalty free music. The song is Cabin In the Woods by Brent Wood.

Dr. Safina was generous to provide some photos of Alfie and they are posted below.You can see more images of author and Alfie in the book, Alfie and Me. Alfie and Me was published by Norton and is available at your local bookstore or by visiting

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07 de nov. de 2023
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Excellent presentation. Thank you Marcia and Carl!

09 de nov. de 2023
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Thank you for listening!!

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