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Adrian Treves: Wolves, Wolf Hunts and Implementing Gold Standards of Evidence for Coexistence

Have you heard of the unprecedented wolf hunt in Wisconsin this past February that nearly wiped out approximately 20% of the state's gray wolf population in just TWO days? Listen to this week's episode below with Adrian Treves, Founder of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison to learn more...

My guest this week is Adrian Treves, founder of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He talks to us about this unprecedented hunt that occurred during wolf mating season in February 2021. We also discuss that those managing wildlife need to be more responsible for implementing methods of coexistence that do less harm to the wildlife population.

Please visit to sign the petition to stop the ugly killing contests. Also, contact your representatives and appointed officials to see where they stand on managing wildlife in your area. Use your vote and voice to shut them down if they believe in cruel management of wildlife such as the unprecedented gray wolf hunt in Wisconsin and the Killing Contests taking place in almost all states.

Below are links about the new film: Wildlife Killing Contests (Viewer discretion advised, some graphic media).

Watch the full Wildlife Killing Contests film here and read the media release here.

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