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100th Episode!! Raptor Rehabbing with North Sky Raptor Sanctuary

Do you love raptors? Have you ever wanted to work directly with raptors? Do you know what is involved with rehabbing raptors?

Kaitlyn with Vega

Well if you want answers to these questions listen to this week's episode (just press play above!) with Kaitlyn Bohnet the co-founder and executive director of North Sky Raptor Sanctuary. We did a live show near the shores of Lake Michigan to celebrate this 100th episode of BeProvided Conservation Radio!! Below you will find photos of the event along with photographs of Vega, the red-tailed hawk and Sprocket, the northern saw-whet owl.

Kaitlyn and her Board VP Shelly Sissen-Burden gave a wonderful presentation to my friends and family about raptors and raptor rehabilitation. It was a lovely evening meeting these amazing women and birds.

Kaitlyn Bohnet and Shelly Sissen-Burden

Vega forever on Kaitlyn's left arm

Nicolette's Sprocket Donation Jar and the Real Sprocket


North Sky Raptor Sanctuary:

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