Passionate About Inspiring Others

Marcia Sivek is the owner and founder of BeProvided. This company was first launched as basically a nutrition education and consulting business. Many years ago, in the early 2000s, Marcia became passionate about nutrition  when the advice from her nutritionist literally save her from a life of chronic fatigue, disease, anxiety and depression. 

As Marcia healed, she discovered many passions that helped her recovery process as well as her healthy eating habits. She relied on painting, meditation, writing and getting out to explore the natural world to get her through some troubling times. BeProvided was then converted to a place where one can find inspiration through seeing demonstrations on watercolor washes to reduce anxiety, writings that are a necessary morning routine and inspirational podcast episodes from BeProvided Conservation Radio. Marcia wants to share her passions to inspire and encourage others to explore their own passions and live a positive life.

In August 2017, Marcia created BeProvided Conservation Radio after spending two weeks as a working guest in Namibia at the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF).


The National League of American Pen Women is made up of women who have demonstrated creative talents in art, letters and music composition.


There are over 78 branches of Pen Women throughout the United States. In some states there are State associations of affiliated branches. This branch, Santa Clara, California, started March 23, 1922.


The mission of the League is to encourage the production of creative work of professional standards in art, letters and music and to provide activities and educational, creative and professional support to non-members in those fields via outreach. The league is a not-for-profit organization. The League is strategically headquartered near the center of the nation's capital in the Pen Arts building, a historic home once occupied by the son of Abraham Lincoln.