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creating Stories of hope and art for our world

Most recent conservation podcast episode:

Marcia Sivek, creator of the podcast BeProvided Conservation Radio and artist, along with Christiane Tran, artist and art educator teamed up to create painting workshops that will highlight and give back to charities. The goal of their new creation, Canvas for Kindness is to bring people together to learn more about their community or favorite charity through fun art classes at various venues in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

Art workshops to support charities

Join Christiane Tran and Marcia Sivek to create art for good. This is a fun way to bring people together and paint and give back to their community and favorite charity. 

Upcoming events are posted regularly. Please click HERE to look up and register for events.

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Podcast sharing stories of hope for our natural world

In 2017, Marcia Sivek was inspired by trips to Africa and by getting involved with local animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations to create a podcast. BeProvided Conservation Radio shares stories of people working with our natural world, whether it be in art, photography, science, eco tourism or writings. The goal of the stories are to create hope and inspire change.

Please click HERE to listen to our recent podcast episodes and even catch up on some oldies but truly relevant goodies! 

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